Thanks to minimum-wage ballot initiatives won in Arizona, Maine, and Washington last year, nearly 1.7 million workers in those states got a raise.

But big business and corporate interests are threatening their raises, trying to undermine the clear will of voters. They couldn’t win at the ballot box so they are turning their lawyers and lobbyists on the courts and legislators. And we need your help to #SaveTheWage.

In November 2016, voters in Arizona, Maine, and Washington voted for ballot initiatives to increase the minimum wage—and, in Arizona and Washington, to guarantee paid sick leave—by overwhelming, double-digit margins.

Our partners in Arizona successfully fought the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers to protect the state’s minimum wage—but our work is far from over.

In Maine, lobbyists for the Maine Restaurant Association are organizing backroom meetings and maneuvering in the state legislature to convince Maine Democrats to side with Governor LePage and repeal wage increases for tipped workers.

Our partners in Maine are working hard to resist the Restaurant Association and ensure elected officials know the voters have clearly spoken and repealing the wage increase is a failure of leadership.

And in Washington state, business associations are following the Arizona playbook and filed a lawsuit to kill the minimum wage and paid leave initiative.

Legal teams in Washington are stepping up to fight this lawsuit too and protect the will of the voters.

We refuse to let pay raises for almost a million workers in Maine and Washington be stripped away by backroom deals and misinformation campaigns launched by corporate lobbyists who have no idea how much an additional $2 per hour means to American workers.

Arizona, Maine, and Washington are a line in the sand testing the fundamentals of democracy and the power of a majority. While we will never match corporate interests like the Chamber of Commerce or the Koch Brothers dollar for dollar, we need your help to continue funding the legal defense and grassroots campaign necessary to #SaveTheWage. Join us today.

Join the Fight to Save the Wage

The Fairness Project supported local organizations and voters in their successful 2016 ballot initiatives in Arizona, Maine, and Washington state to increase the minimum wage. #SaveTheWage is a grassroots campaign to raise funds and awareness to ensure the will of the people and save these wage increases from corporate interest groups and lobbyists working every day to repeal them.