Special Interests

Who are the wealthy special interests attempting to roll back pay increases for low-wage workers and undermine democracy?


In Washington state, special interests and trade organizations are suing the state to nullify the voter-backed initiative to raise the minimum wage and grant paid sick leave (Initiative 1433).
In Maine, politicians are working to directly undermine the will of the voters by introducing a number of bills to scale back or completely invalidate the state’s minimum-wage ballot initiative (Question 4).
In Arizona, business interests schemed to repeal the state’s initiative to raise the minimum wage and guarantee sick leave to workers (Prop. 206). The Supreme Court ruled against them, but now they’re lobbying the legislature to fight the wage increase and restrict future ballot initiatives.


Get the details on the big-money special interests and their high-paid lawyers and lobbyists who we’re up against, and the lawsuits and bills they’re pushing to take away these minimum wage increases.


Special interests, by state



Business interests in the lawsuit to void Initiative 1433



Business interests and politicians pressuring the state legislature to modify Question 4


Business interests petitioning to restore the tipped credit (which lowers the minimum wage for tipped workers)


Business interests in lawsuit to repeal Proposition 206


Click here for details on the lawsuits and bills attacking ballot initiatives in these states.



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